Design Thinking

  • What is It ?

The design thinking process defines the problem and then implements the solutions, always with the needs of the user. This process focuses on need finding, understanding, creating, thinking and doing. You have to create and test something and continue to learn and improve your initial ideas.

  • Our Project

We also have to realize a project in a team of 4 peoples. The project is based on “Know a city “ We will make interviews with some peoples (friends, room mate, family…) to know what they do when they arrive in a newcity and know their needs. And after that, we will think about a solution of their needs and maybe develop something.

It is a very good exercise for learning about the design thinking.

  • My point of view

I think this class is an opportunity to work in a team and to bring our different competences. The teacher is very competent and speak about its own experiences. Also the project is an opportunity to create something and work with an expert. This class is very useful and completely new for me so it is really attractive.



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