3D Printing

I participated in 3D Printing class in techshop two weeks ago.

I never use it and I wanted to lean about it because it will be the future. We will all have a machine like that in our house in the next 5 years. So it was a good opportunity for me to know how the 3D Printing works.

The best part of the class is can see the evolution of the object creating itself.

The hardest parts of the class are: many adjustments before launch the construction of the object. You have also need to know how to adjust the temperature of the machine for melt plastic, how to adjust the speed and the number of layers to create the contour of the object.

I learnt so much information about how to create something with this new revolution.

So I went in Techshop yesterday for build alone my own object with a 3D machine. I create a small Eiffel Tower and a memories of San francisco. It was very attractive to doing something with a machine like that. It will be the future ..





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